Poi Mochi Recipe

Poi Mochi is not the healthiest food item but it is quite yummy!  I remember a little kiosk outside of Kmart, at UH football games, and a few other places that would sell poi mochi.  It was a newest craze at one point but then it died down.  I was one of the late ones.  A few years ago, I tried it for the first time…not at a game or from a kiosk, but from a recipe book.

A few years ago my husband went to Kamehameha Schools’ Maui Campus and brought back this recipe book.

As I browsed through the recipes, I came across a few good recipes that were tempting to try!  Here is the Poi Mochi Recipe…

I haven’t tried it with cinnamon and sugar but I have tried it using Taro brand poi.  To me, it comes out the same…delicious!  The Hanalei poi is already mixed and it’s more expensive.  Costco sells both brands of poi.  Last time I bought the Hanalei brand it was close to $6 for a 1lb container.  The Taro brand is $14 for 3 lbs, I think.  You have to mix it yourself but it’ll save you money.

Try it! 🙂

In case you’re not able to see the recipe clearly, here it is again…

Hanalei Poi Mochi
Ilima Fisher 

1 lb container Hanalei Poi
1½ C. Sugar
18 oz Mochiko flour (1¼ box)
1½ – 2 C. of water
2 C. Canola oil (for deep frying)
Paper towels (for the mochi to drain)

Mix and blend poi and sugar together.  Add Mochiko flour slowly while adding the water.  Continue adding water until the batter is like a THICK pancake batter.  Heat oil in a wok or pan until hot.  Drop a spoonful or small cookie-scoop full of batter into hot oil.  Fry until golden brown.  Continue this process until batter is gone.  Let the poi mochi drain on paper towels and serve warm.  This will make approximately 30 pieces.

*sugar and cinnamon mixture can be sprinkled on the poi mochi for added flavor.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. thanks kainui! i never tried poi mochi cause i’m always afraid of recipes where i gotta deep fry – afraid that i will burn myself! my daughter likes poi mochi – maybe i’ll make it with her and have her drop it in the hot oil lol!

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