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If you’re like me, some of the clothes you have and wear, you’d had for a long time.  I’m talking, more than 5 years!  Trends in fashion appear to change frequently.  In attempt to have something different in my closet, I searched for a simple skirt that  worked for my figure.  If you’re thinking everything would look good on me, you’re wrong.  Clothes can help or hinder your figure, and ya, some people may look good in anything they wear…that’s just not me.  Lol.

So, lucky me…I found a DIY skirt on Pinterest and made my own! 🙂

Here is the website for the tutorial.

I chose to use a hawaiian print material instead of the stripes.  Beware, a lot of pictures coming up!

The measurements for this skirt are easy.    There are 4 pieces of material used, 2 for the skirt, 1 for the belt, and 1 for the sash.  I cut the material to fit my measurements, then pinned the sides for the belt.  See below,

Then folded it in half and ironed.  That’s the belt.

I didn’t want to keep turning the iron off/on so I did all the ironing at one time.

Then I did the same for the sash seen below.

Folded it in half, ironed and sewed it.

Since this tutorial requires a zipper, I measured where it needed to be and sewed.

I ironed the seam open.

Then I worked on the hem.  I pinned the bottom up.

and then again.  Then I sewed the hem.

Then I loosely stitched 2 rows for gathering.

I pulled the stitches to fit the belt/waist band and pinned it.  So, it looks like this…sew!

Next is the zipper!  Pin & sew!

I’ll admit, zippers are not my fave.  Lol.  I pinned the sash near the zipper and stitched it to the belt/waist band.

That’s it!  Here it is! 🙂

This is a very abbreviated version!  Hope you like it!

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