T-shirt Rug

Have you heard of a t-shirt rug before?  I found this idea on Pinterest at least 5 months ago and finally thought I’d give it a try.  Click here to visit the site I got the idea from.

I got some shirts from my mom and sister-in-law.  I chose 7 shirts and started making strips using my rotary cutter.  I cut strips that were 5½” long by 1½” wide.  I kept one shirt for the base of the rug.  I used the front and back of the shirt for a strong base.  Then I serged the perimeter of the base.  I measured 1″ in each corner and marked it with a colored pencil (for material).  Then I measured ⅔” between markings.  I only measured 1 row.  I folded the shirt up and started to snip.  I used the slits for the previous row as a guide to make the next row.  Make sense, right?  I did that until I reached the marked corners…the end of the shirt.  In between the rows, I made a ⅔” space.  I knew I would need to add rows to make my rug fluffy.  Here is my rug:


Here is the view of the back:

The website where this idea is from, suggested putting it in a lingerie bag to wash it.  I don’t have a lingerie bag nor do I want to purchase one.  So to be clever, I sewed each row down…that way, none of them will get away.  Lol.  Here is the back again, up close!

Cool idea, huh?  I think it took me about 6 hours to complete, which includes all the measuring, cutting, and sewing.  Watching TV helped pass the time.  Ooh, and just a a side note, I didn’t do it all in one day.  I spread it out over a 2 day period.  Another good thing…it’s a very inexpensive activity & possible gift for someone, or for yourself!  🙂  Enjoy!

Try it out & let me know!

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